Foreign Destinations – Canada

DEC 12, 1862, Type 2 to Canada. 15c (over 3,000 mi) rate to Canada.
U.S. postage pays domestic service to border, while 2-1/2p British Columbia stamp pays Canadian inland postage.
Mixed Franking with U.S. and British Columbia stamps.
No indication of origin as British Columbia stamp was cancelled on arrival at SFPO.

MAR 31, 1864, Type 2 to Canada, originated in Victoria.
15c (over 3,000 mile) rate overpaid by 1c. U.S. postage paid by stamps, Canadian inland postage paid in cash in Victoria.
First month of new 10c rate (distance differential eliminated). However, cover still reflects the old rate.
Blue oval “Post Office, Victoria Vancouver Island, PAID” handstamp (2c pair lifted and placed lower on cover to display marking).

AUG 1, 1864, Type 3 to Canada.
10c rate to Canada, rate reduced in MAR 1864 vs. above cover rate.
Red stamp “US 10 cts PAID”.

MAY 2, 1864, Type 2 to Canada.
10c rate to Canada, rate reduced in MAR 1864 from 15c rate, overpaid by 2c.
Red “U. States, Paid 10” exchange stamp.

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