Interesting Rates, Markings & Destinations

MAR 13, 1865, Type 3.
3c rate period, to Prisoner of War at Johnson’s Island, Ohio.
The only cogwheel cover to this destination I have observed.

Reverse side of cover showing inspection of letter by censor.

JAN 12 (1864 or later), Type 3.
3c rate period, to FORT SMITH, Arkansas.

OCT 9, 1863, Type 2.
3c rate period, to Ohio.
All over Lumber Advertiser, with “Missent” in manuscript, although there is no indication of where cover was mis-routed.

DEC 15, 1862, Type 1.
10c rate period to New Jersey.
Attempted use of demonetized 1857 issue.

At the start of the Civil War the 1851-57 stamp issues were demonetized in order to prevent the Confederate States from raising money by selling their current inventory of stamps.
After January 1862 these stamps were no longer valid for use from the SFPO.
This cover shows attempted use of the 1857 ten cent stamp (Scott #35) on December 15, 1862, nearly a year too late.
Rated “10” due as stamp was not accepted for payment.
I have personally seen 4 total demonetized cog wheel covers (including this one).

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