Early Use of Type 1, 2 and 3 Cancels

FEB 3, 1862, Type 1 on 1857 12 cent issue.
Cog tips have points/wedges as well as smaller diameter circles compared to Type 2 (below).  Earliest date I have found for the Type 1 cancel.
Cancel applied at the San Francisco PO upon receipt.  12 cent U.S. postage pays 10 cent domestic rate (to Iowa) plus 2 cent ship fee.  5 cent stamp pays Hawaiian postage rate.  Late use of 12 cent issue, demonetized in the U.S. but still recognized as prepayment on Hawaiian mail passing through SF.  Mixed franking with the Hawaii 5 cent 1861 Kamehameha and U.S. 12 cent 1857 issues.

FEB 26, 1862 Type 2 (first two months of cancel).
10c rate period, to Mass. Double rate letter.
Circles are a little larger than Type 1, tips not pointed, but squared. Note that even though it is Type 2, this version of the cancel was first to appear, slightly ahead of Type 1.

NOV 9, 1863 Type 3 (first two months of cancel).
3c rate period, to Mass.
Easy to identify Type 3 due to the short arm design and only 14 cogs. Also, the circles are the largest of the three types.

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