Mail Carried Overland

MAR 26, 1864, Type 3 (year via letter contents).
3c rate period, to Mass.
1 cent overpayment (payment of carrier fee ended earlier so it was not for this), manuscript “Overland”.
Overland mail at this time traveled along the Central Route, initiated on July 1, 1861, the Southern Route having been terminated at the start of the Civil War.

APR 13, 1863, Type 1.
10c rate period, to Penn, manuscript “Overland Mail”.

NOV 7, 1864, Type 3.
3c rate period, to Conn, manuscript “Overland”.

OCT 18, 1864, Type 2.
3c rate period, to NY, manuscript “Per Overland Mail”.
Sender addressed to “U.S. America”, somewhat amusing considering CA became a state 14 years earlier!

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