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This site is dedicated to the study and sharing of information related to the postal markings and postal history of the San Francisco Post Office (SFPO) during its first 20 years of existence (1849-1869). A primary goal of this site is the collaborative research and dissemination (and preservation) of information in this collecting area. Sharing of information, questions and discoveries is encouraged. Pages will be updated as new information becomes available. Trust me when I say there is NO WAY this site is 100% correct!  Updates are expected for many years to come. Indeed, this is potentially (probably?) a lifelong project. Your contributions towards improving the detail and accuracy of this information is encouraged and appreciated.  Please contact me rmingee@frii.com if you have information which will improve this website.

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If you are new to the area of Western postal history consider joining the Western Cover Society.  The primary focus of this non-profit organization is the study and understanding of western mails by sharing knowledge with other collectors and historians.