Domestic Destinations

JUN 24, 1863, Type 2.
10c rate period, to NY. The last week of this rate period as the new 3c rate started JUL 1, 1863.

JAN 6, 1863, Type 1 on 10c postal stationary.
10c rate period, to NY.

APR 22, 1862 Type 1 (first two months of cancel).
The strike is very clear, the points/wedges are easy to see and the smaller circles stand out clearly.
10c rate period, to NY. Sender may not have had 7 cents in stamps, or a blank envelope to mail with the 10 cent stamp. Rate apparently overpaid by 3 cents.

OCT 12, 1863, Type 2.
3c rate period, to Minn.

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